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Empowerment Through Entrepreneurism

Empowerment Flex Marketing offers a unique business opportunity turning your passion into opportunity and opportunity into financial freedom. With Empowerment Flex Marketing you now have access to the ultimate vehicle to achieve your dreams of living the ultimate lifestyle. Empowerment Flex Marketing is about offering our sales representatives, known as IBO (Independent Business Owner), a free business including the tools and resources to earn any level on income based on individual work ethic and desire. Empowerment through entrepreneurism is about “empowering you” to succeed based on your personal effort. You can earn income from personal retail sales and if you can manage others you can develop an IBO sales teams to earn management overrides. With Empowerment “Flex Marketing” compensation plan you can earn passive residual income from personal sales and sales conducted by your sales team.

The concept is simple!

Empowerment Flex Marketing is an entrepreneurial outlet that offers a FREE Internet retail business allowing the entrepreneur to simply enroll as an IBO, activate their reseller website then start marketing. As an IBO you can be in business within minutes without having to worry about setting up a business, website development, product inventory, merchant processing, product or service fulfilment, inventory, shipping, customer service or tracking sales! Empowerment Flex marketing provides everything for you to be in business for yourself but not by yourself!

At this time Empowerment represents the largest and most marketable industry that continues to growing each year. Empowerment Flex Marketing represent the “travel” industry and markets a travel and daily benefit subscription called Ultimate LifeStyles Travel and Benefits. As an IBO you will market an incredible travel and daily savings subscription by simply activating a reseller website that will track all sales to your personal IBO identification number. Each sale results in upfront income from the subscription activation (earn $100) and residual income (earn $15) from the monthly subscription fee.

The IBO business set-up fee is free and upon enrollment includes an IBO team builder website and password protected back office for you to have 24/7 access to commission and customer reports, training, team sales reports and other services. To get started you can activate based on two options. Option #1 enrolling as an IBO only, #2 option enrolling as an IBO plus becoming an Ultimate LifeStyles Travel and Benefits member yourself. This option builds credibility as you will develop your personal testimonial and learn how to “share” the service rather than “selling” the service. When your prospect aske you “how has the service worked for you?” You can come back with great personal testimonials. Based on the Flex Marketing compensation system you can offset your personal subscription by simply making four sales as you will earn back more than the activation fee along with your monthly subscription also offset. Sell four and pay no more!

 As an added benefit, if you enroll as an IBO and activate your personal Ultimate LifeStyles Travel and Benefit subscription at the same time, you will receive a 3 Day/2 Night all-inclusive Cancun mini vacation that has a legitimate value of over $600 based on the season.    

Another benefit of enrolling as an IBO is having access to incredible personal development and business training. In your IBO back office you will have access to calendar of events showcasing Empowerment training events called “TrainCation” that not only include training but include a mini-vacation. “TrainCation” typically include 3 to 4 nights at an incredible resort, hotel or cruise with one day dedicated to business training and personal development featuring incredible speakers and trainers. Each "TrainCation" offers great savings, VIP treatment and incredible value while participating with fun group activities with likeminded positive entrepreneurs. As an IBO you can bring a spouse or guest to attend at the same IBO discounted price as most trips are based on double occupancy!

Once you get started as an IBO you are only minutes away from making money by simply sharing your business through social media, word-of-mouth and other marketing strategies you can learn about in your IBO back office training center. When your customers complete a transaction from your retail business website you will earn a retail commission that is paid monthly along with any residual income.

Each retail product or service sold has a dedicated “sales volume” dollar amount that is paid out in the Empowerment "Flex Marketing" compensation plan as team management bonuses. To learn more about the Empowerment Flex Marketing compensation plan please visit the Empowerment Flex Marketing team builder home page and click on “Flex Marketing compensation plan” button at the bottom right of the page.

The life blood of any business is to sell an actual product or service to end consumers that are NOT associated with the business opportunity. At Empowerment Flex Marketing you cannot make money selling the Empowerment opportunity! Empowerment Flex Marketing compensation plan does not financially compensate for recruiting another IBO as you only make income by selling products or services from your retail business websites that offer no pathway to join Empowerment Flex Marketing. If you decide to build a sales team you will need to refer those prospects to your team builder website to get more information about the Empowerment Flex Marketing business opportunity.

An IBO is not required to accumulate or buy any inventory of products for qualification or rank position in the Empowerment Flex Marketing compensation plan. The Empowerment Flex Marketing compensation plan does require an IBO to maintain minimum amount of personal sales volume based on establishing personal customers each month to remain qualified for any organizational and team bonuses.

To become an IBO make sure to visit the IBO team builder website related to the person that referred you as you will need to team up with an existing IBO who will sponsor you to participate. Whoever shared this opportunity with you has a high level of respect for you and most important an interested to work with you to help you achieve any level of success you desire! It’s a win-win for everyone and you knowing that you will be in business for yourself but not by yourself as your Sponsor has a major incentive to help you succeed!