Empowerment Flex Marketing

Flex Marketing™


has developed a revolutionary business and marketing concept called "Flex Marketing™" to compete with the old and traditional marketing strategies that have been used for decades to market and distribute products and services while compensating workers. Traditionally there are six major marketing concepts and business strategies: Franchising (Subway to 711 gas stations), Direct Sales (Fuller brushes to Kirby vacuums), Electronic Commerce (internet marketing), Small Business (flower shop to clothing stores), MLM/Network Marketing (Amway to Mary Kay) and traditional Corporate America that offers only a job as an employee to receive limited hourly wages or a salary!

Each of the six listed marketing and business strategies offer some positives but all are known for more negatives. Empowerment has taken the time to research and analyze the positives and negatives of each business strategy.  Our goal is to eliminate the negatives while combining the positives to provide the basis of "Flex Marketing™". Empowerment's unique business model will bring hope and reward to those inspiring to achieve unlimited success, wealth and passive earning potential for years to come through entrepreneurism while partnered with Empowerment.

Flex Marketing Chart

You can learn more about Flex Marketing by becoming an IBO and accessing the related training module.