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Supporting Our Military


Empowerment Flex Marketing is committed to support select non-profit organizations through Empowerment "Giving Back & Community Works" programmled by NBA Hall of Fame inductee Rick Barry. Empowerment is all about helping those less fortunate that include organizations representing children and helping Military families that have suffered loss or injury . Starting March 2014, make sure to visit Empowerment corporate website or Independent Business Owner (IBO) website and click on the "Events" section to learn about upcoming charity events such as celebrity golf tournaments, travel packages and special events to support selected non-profits organizations.

In addition to helping non-profit organizations, Empowerment is pleased to introduce a program called "Military IBO Getting Started Program" where anyone that is active military or their spouse can have their initial IBO starting fees ($95) waived. Empowerment is offering this program as our way to say thank you to those defending our country with honor and bravery!

Many serving in the military sacrifice financially after years of overseas deployment. When they return home they find it difficult to find a job to earn enough income to support their family. Empowerment believes in helping those in the Military apply their characteristics of dedication, determination, and willingness to make sacrifices that the average citizen takes for granted.  Such traits and characteristics are shared by most successful entrepreneurs, so by offering this program Empowerment can contribute by helping Military personnel transition from military life into Entrepreneurism, having their own business!

If you are active military and have an interest to learn more or you're ready to get started make sure to get back with the IBO that provided this information to receive the "Military IBO Getting Started" application.

Thank you for your service,

Empowerment Flex Marketing